Week 18

This week was dang good! 

We really keep putting in the work with the members. What we started to do now is start visiting members and member families and only take about 10-15 minutes while with them. We share a 4-minute version of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before we do we promise them that while we share the message, they will have certain people that come to their mind that they can share the gospel with and then we tell them that afterwards we would like to talk a little bit about those people. The results have been awesome! We walked away this week with so many new names and people to work with! There was one sick family that we met with and after sharing the 4 minute message, we applied it to them and asked "Who do you know that could benefit from The Restored Gospel like your family has?" The family of 7 then each gave us a name of someone that they were trying to work with. The mom gave us a name of a friend and then Elder Aiono and I looked at each other and were like "Well do you think it would be better for the investigator if we called or if you called?" She called up her friend instantly and invited him to church. He came the next morning and sat with us in sacrament meeting :)

 Our work with the members is going really well. With Chinese New Year approaching, most people leave town and go to their parent's home usually in Taizhong, Tainan Gaoxiong or other places far away. But we also have members feeding us lunch and dinner every single day for an entire week. We are so excited with the way that member work is going right now to have so many opportunities to continue to meet with more members!

In regards with the family that we are teaching, it is going great! We sat down with them this week and taught them at the Xie families house. We shared with them the Plan of Salvation and it went amazing! We really tried focusing on teaching the kids and we all gathered around the table as my companion and I told the PoS as a story - about a kids leaving their amazing home to go learn to become like their mom and dad- all while drawing it out at the same time and it went so well! At the end, we asked one of the daughters who is 10 how she would feel if she really could be with her family forever in the Celestial Kingdom. She answered "非常開心" "So happy!" After that there was just this moment in the room where everyone was just like "awww" and the mom, Helen, Was like "That makes me really happy to hear that my family can be together and happy like that".
Best. Lesson Ever.

Pictures he sent with out telling me who they are of.

Elder Aiono, Elder Erickson, Sister Ni and Brother Ni


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