Mongolian Bar-b-que

Elder Erickson went with his companion Elder Aiono and Brother and Siter Vatcher to have some Mongolian Bar-b-que. Here are the pictures Sister Vatcher shared with Andrew.
Monday February 6, 2017


  1. This looks yummy....BUT...having been to Mongolia a few of times, and having friends who are Mongolian....and having eaten with them on many occasions....I can tell you truthfully, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MONGOLIAN BBQ! LOLZ. The don't like veggies! They rarely eat them! (their growing season is too short).They despise rice. They like MEAT and POTATOES and BREAD...they will eat some fruits, and they like sweets. Despite all this, they are amazingly healthy. The yummy food in this picture? They wouldn't eat 9/10ths of it. hahahaha!!!!!

    1. That is such a fun fact. I love Mongolian BBQ. We had it after Andrew's endowment. Even though it is falsely advertised I don't think that will stop me from eating it. LOL Yummy.


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