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蔡會長: "雨很大嗎?" *Looks out the window* "Ohhhhh"

So this was been a wonderfully cold and rainy week here in Zhubei. And the Taiwanese people, much like myself, don't like the cold. So you can say it's been quite difficult finding more prepared on the streets. But they are still out there! And within the past week we have actually found 2 people who have been on tours of the Salt Lake City temple and actually have interest in hearing more about why we have them! So yeah miracles are real, like for real. 
This week we were able to cover the commandments with the Liao family and when we taught the Sabbath day, we taught it a little different. On Thursday we had a little opportunity to receive trainings from and do interviews with President and Sister Jergenson. Sister Jergenson taught us more about the importance of the sacrament and how great of an opportunity it is to renew our baptismal covenants. If we really make repentance a daily part of our lives, the sacrament could leaves us with the same clean feeling that we all expe…

Week 22

So this week we started out the week with a goal to find more new investigators, because we found our self with only 4 people to teach, and they all happen to be in the Liao family. And they're super super great and all but we need more people to teach lol. So we had a goal of 4 new investigators. And lately we've felt impressed to go knock some doors in the smaller villages near the mountains of our area. So when we did this the other night we got invited in to share our message by two different families in the same night! And both set up times for us to come back and share more this week. So yeah we've really been blessed as we set goals, share these goals with God through prayer, and go out and act on the inspiration! 
But yeah the Liao family is doing absolutely wonderful. After some prayer and discussion, we've decided to meet twice a week now to prepare for the whole family to be baptized on the 9th of March. Its so great to see them come participate in church and…

今天比較冷。 風很大。


Mongolian Bar-b-que

Elder Erickson went with his companion Elder Aiono and Brother and Siter Vatcher to have some Mongolian Bar-b-que. Here are the pictures Sister Vatcher shared with Andrew. Monday February 6, 2017

Week 20 Can I just say I LOVE ZHEBEI!

So yeah another week in paradise. Can I just say I LOVE ZHUBEI. 
But yeah anyways its been great. This past week Chinese New Year finished up and we've been able to really start work again. Though all the time spent with members during Chinese New Year was great, its great to be back hitting the streets and finding those ready to receive us. Lately we've been going to the more mountain/village part of our area and have actually had a lot of success just doin that good old door knocking. Its been super fun and we have already had a few people ask us to come back and share our message.  So as some of you may have heard, they changed the missionary schedule. One of these changes includes the ability to go out in the morning, rather than requiring us to stay inside all morning studying. So this week we did some exploring on the morning activities in Zhubei and found a super lit morning market! And there are so many people there every morning. On Saturday it was so packed that we had…