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Happy P-Day

Hey it sounded like you never got last weeks email so here it is. 

Hey thanks for that message. I started the BOM again and when I read the first vision I actually noticed that and tried to discuss it with my district but none of them really understood what I was asking about. So that'll really help. And yeah I already got that whole idea of the fear of not speaking the language. The first few days here were absolutely terrible. We only speak Chinese in the class and theirs only one other elder in my district who does not have multiple years of mandarin experience. I took it really hard. I was constantly complaining about it and it was all I could think about. My companions name is Dong Zhanglao (Elder Donalson) and he had 4 years of Chinese before coming here and still struggled with the language. So yeah our first lesson on Thursday last week was terrible. And all I could say was to the investigator was "I'm sorry. Could we please come back tomorrow." The spirit wa…

Wednesday September 21, 2016

So my comp is Dong Zhanglao or Elder Donalson. He's from Lehi and had 4 years of mandarin before coming out here. So yeah he's definitely the one leading our discussions with the investigators since my Chinese is absolutely terrible. This language is so hard to learn. But I'm loving the MTC. The spirits extremely strong and last night we heard from President Clayton (senior president of the seventies). His talk was pretty great.All the general authorities who speak here at the MTC are very blunt it's wonderful. Sunday night we watched a message by Elder Bednar titled The Character of Christ and it was life changing. It was a few years back here at the MTC on Christmas so I don't know if you've already seen it but it's truly amazing. The first few days were really hard on me mainly because of the language but that message really changed all those negative feelings and it's been smooth sailing since. 

-Elder Erickson

Thursday Septmeber 15, 2016

I only have 2 minutes to email but I'm here. The language is terribly difficult. I teach my first investigator in mandarin tomorrow! My companion is great. Everyone in my district is so strong in the gospel and I love them already. The MTC is wonderful. The spirit is strong. I love and miss you and the family greatly. Thank you so much for this opportunity. - Ai zhanglao (Elder Erickson)