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So this past week was a little crazy...

So this past week was a little crazy...
On Monday night we got a call that Elder Moss would be training this next transfer, so this would mean that I would be moving out of Zhubei on Thursday. So that news hit pretty hard, and really started some reflection on everything that happened in Zhubei. This reflection  really took off when we met with the Liao family on Thursday night. When we arrived at their home, the visiting teachers were there, which happen to be Sister Xie (Charlie and Yvonne's mother) and Sister Yu
(the bishops wife). They were discussing how following the Spirit has blessed there family. When myself and Elder Moss joined in on the conversation, Sister Xie shared an experience from just a few months before, after being inactive for 10 years and rejecting members and missionaries of the church's attempts to reach out to her. She had finally just hit such a low point in her life and knew she needed the gospel in her family to keep going. So she made a promise to Go…

Well this was just the best week of my life.

Well this was just the best week of my life.
Last Wednesday we had a zone conference and Elder Funk came and blessed us with some great insights into how to be better missionaries. He really just once again stressed the importance of member work, which we all know is just absolutely essential. 
But anyways, yeah, that was a great experience, but quite the best part of the week. The best part came on Friday night when our good friend Kristine got baptized! Me and Elder Aiono met Kristine while he was still around here last transfer. It was a cold winter night where me and Elder Aiono were trying something new. We decided to bring out one of the guitars and sing some hymns in a busy part of the city and see if we could attract some people with interest in the good news. And it failed miserably, so it wasn't long before we abandoned it and resorted back to more standard street contacting. It was a pretty rough night but on the way home we passed this girl in the park and we both felt …

The best week EVER!

So this week was just the best week ever.
THE LIAO FAMILY GOT BAPTIZED! It was so amazing. Their testimonies are all so strong. When Nick was asked to bear his testimony in sacrament, it was so powerful. He started it by saying he had been reading in 2 Nephi 31 and started talking about the importance of enduring to the end. After sacrament, we had a potluck and the former Provo mission president happened to be there visiting with his daughter who served in Taipei. He had some good conversations with Nick about the temple and Nick expressed a lot of desire to take his family there. They're just the best family ever and are going to be such a great help in building up God's kingdom here in Taiwan. 
But this week I have been focusing a lot on removing distractions and tuning in to the spirit. I have been thinking about how spiritually in tune I was back at the MTC and how helpful it was in all the lessons there. And I thought of what changed when I came to Taiwan. I was reading ju…

A post Sister Vatcher the mission nurse posted to Facebook

I continue to be amazed at how the Holy Ghost inspires people! 
Today we went for a follow up appointment for this missionary with a hurt ankle. Imaging study showed he needed a cast for 3-4 weeks, but can't walk or bike with a cast and it rains frequently. I asked if he could get a brace or boot and Dr. Su said it is more expensive but he could then walk and possibly bike. 
We asked how much and he said $1200NT ($360US) I don't carry that kind of cash around and I know the missionaries don't either. I asked if they would take my credit card. Dr Su made a call and asked for a discount for "personal friends" and price became $8000NT! I had $4000NT($120US) and as the missionaries pulled out what they had...Dr. Su said "I will lend you the money!" I declined his offer but he insisted and asked "Won't I get blessing?" I couldn't refuse! We accepted his offer and I asked if I could take a picture and he sprung from his chair! What a wonderful…

Thursday with the Liao Family

Thursday with theLiao Family
Somehow Andrew's former companion Elder Aiono received this today and forwarded it to Andrew's dad. These men love this family so much and you can tell from looking at the picture.


So the rain kind of paused there for a little bit and we got to see the sun for a couple days here in Zhubei. So everyone's been outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and its made for some pretty great proselyting. And we actually found a guy that we've ran into a few times.And it turns out he actually got all the missionary lessons like 20 years ago! And didn't get baptized just because his family is Buddhist. But now that's not a problem and he's going to start meeting with us! Aren't miracles just the coolest?
But anyways, our favorite family (the Liao Family) has their baptismal date this Thursday! I am so excited for them to take this huge step towards becoming an eternal family. Yesterday we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with them and I had the opportunity to see Angela (9 year old daughter) teach her father the 5 principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. They are truly an amazing family. So yeah it's been a beautiful week in Zhubei.