Well this was just the best week of my life.

Well this was just the best week of my life.

Last Wednesday we had a zone conference and Elder Funk came and blessed us with some great insights into how to be better missionaries. He really just once again stressed the importance of member work, which we all know is just absolutely essential. 

But anyways, yeah, that was a great experience, but quite the best part of the week. The best part came on Friday night when our good friend Kristine got baptized! Me and Elder Aiono met Kristine while he was still around here last transfer. It was a cold winter night where me and Elder
Aiono were trying something new. We decided to bring out one of the guitars and sing some hymns in a busy part of the city and see if we could attract some people with interest in the good news. And it failed miserably, so it wasn't long before we abandoned it and resorted back to more standard street contacting. It was a pretty rough night but on the way home we passed this girl in the park and we both felt like we should just give her a shot before going home. She ended up being super cool and asked why we had a guitar. We  explained that we were playing hymns and to try to spread some gospel. She showed some interest, especially in the hymns, so we got her phone number and just continued on our way. So fast forward a few weeks and she's baptized!
I gotta say that cold night with Elder Aiono was a hard one, and it would've been easy to give up and think that she would reject us like everyone else that night. And honestly the thought crossed my mind.

But this experience just really builds my faith in people in general. It really reminds me of something Jesus revealed to Joseph Smith regarding missionaries: “It is not needful for … mine elders to be moving swiftly … whilst the inhabitants on either side are perishing in unbelief” (D&C 61:3) There are so many people everywhere who have not yet been able to receive this gospel. And this experience really proves to me that there's also so many people out there just waiting for the opportunity to present itself. And all it takes for them to get that opportunity is someone who's been blessed to have the gospel in their life just needs to open their mouth.


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