A post Sister Vatcher the mission nurse posted to Facebook

I continue to be amazed at how the Holy Ghost inspires people! 

Today we went for a follow up appointment for this missionary with a hurt ankle. Imaging study showed he needed a cast for 3-4 weeks, but can't walk or bike with a cast and it rains frequently. I asked if he could get a brace or boot and Dr. Su said it is more expensive but he could then walk and possibly bike. 

We asked how much and he said $1200NT ($360US) I don't carry that kind of cash around and I know the missionaries don't either. I asked if they would take my credit card. Dr Su made a call and asked for a discount for "personal friends" and price became $8000NT! I had $4000NT($120US) and as the missionaries pulled out what they had...Dr. Su said "I will lend you the money!" I declined his offer but he insisted and asked "Won't I get blessing?" I couldn't refuse! We accepted his offer and I asked if I could take a picture and he sprung from his chair! What a wonderful morning we had! I left him with a hug and these pass along cards that he can scan the bar code and see videos of Christ our Savior whose example he exemplified today!

Elder Erickson with Dr. Su
Pass along cards they give to those wanting to learn more about the church.


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