Chinese New Year 2017


So its Chinese New Year here in Taiwan and like every other Chinese place, and its so much fun. 
The whole island kinda like shuts down. All the stores close and everyone just stays inside with their families. So on Friday we took a train over to Taipei for a mission conference and the Taipei main station was like empty at 7:30am which is usually the busiest time of the day. And when we got on the MRT (subway) there was actually room for everyone to sit down. It was crazy. 

But yeah probably the best part of Chinese New Year is that we get fed by the members everyday for lunch and dinner. There's so much food! Its a super great time to just sit down and talk with members about their efforts in sharing the gospel. And the members have been really good about inviting less active and non members. So yeah so many opportunities to spark or respark the light of Christ in peoples lives during this super happy time of the year. And yeah there's just SO MUCH FOOD.

But anyways, the most important news of the week was the Liao family set a baptismal date for February 25! We're so excited to be able start meeting with them again after they come back from all their New Year activities around the island. 

From Elder Aiono's email
So this past few days have been the start to 過年 Or the Chinese New year. EVERYONE goes away to their parent's home usually in the south of Taiwan. There has been like no one outside to talk to, BUT members will treat us to lunch and dinner every single day! We've been finding so much through the members lately and it has been awesome! Also Elder Erickson and I are getting really fat! Everyone keeps telling me I can only go back to America after I get full. Haha. We have been writing notes to everyone that feeds us and encouraging them to share the gospel and we have seen so much success lately! It is awesome and I love being a missionary and serving the people here in Taiwan!

The Liao Family

So much food


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