Stuff from Elder Aiono's first email while serving with Elder Erickson. It will make you smile.

Also my new companion that I also training is Elder Erickson! He is from New Mexico and is one 帥哥. I will let him introduce himself!:

Well as Elder Aiono said, I'm from new mexico and did a year at UNM before the mission. I have 1 older brother who lives in LA and 2 younger brothers that currently reside in Arizona with my parents. And yeah I just got on the island and was being trained by my birth father Elder Hammond until he abandoned me last week. But it's cool, I'm super excited to work with my new dad, the great Elder Aiono. It's his last transfer so he's like a wise old man now and I have a lot to learn from him before he dies next month.

Well there you have it. Elder Hammond left to go be the new assistant to the president and I came down to finish training my new son Elder Erickson! In missionary terms, that means my son has 2 dads...And the other one is one of my old companions... You know.. after Elder hammond and I split, we finally agreed that he'll take custody the first transfer and I'll take custody the 2nd. 
Okay Okay enough with the jokes!

I am seriously so excited to work with Elder Erickson. His Chinese name is the same as mine so we are both called Ai Zhang Lao 艾長老。 So I told all the members to call us Big Ai and Small Ai 大艾 & 小艾. The members crack up at it. He's big ai and I'm small ai.

But it was great we started the week off by baptizing a part member family. It was awesome. We are looking out for more families to baptize. Hopefully we have another to help become converted by the end of the transfer! I love you all and stay safe! Read yo scriptures! Say yo prayers! You can do it anytime anywhere!

Elder Erickson's two Dad's
Elder Hammond and Elder Aiono
 View from their apartment
 Elder Erickson with his new dad, Elder Aiono


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