Well this week has just been wonderful. And thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes.

Well this week has just been wonderful. And thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. 

My birthday was absolutely great cause I thought I kept it a secret most of the day. But I guess someone (Elder Hammond) told the zone leaders and I got a little shoutout there. And someone else (mom) told Sister Ni so she through a little surprise birthday and disguised it as a lesson with a new investigator. But it was actually super great even though they all knew it was my birthday cause we got to teach a lesson to our soon to be full member family, with our super cool ward mission leader, Weng Bo Ren, and of course the Ni family. So super cool day.

So yeah the language is coming.. slowly but still coming. I've been trying to step out of my comfort zone a bit by talking more on the streets and doing more phone calls and its been a success for the most part, but there have been some slip ups. For example this past week I was calling an investigator to confirm that he's be going to church on Sunday and I thought my Chinese was great when introduced myself cause he said he remembered us, so you can say I was pretty confident when I asked him about church on Sunday. But he asked me to repeat a few times and then he just got frustrated and said in English "I can't understand anything you're saying but I'll see you at church on Sunday at 1:30." so yeah that one kinda hurt but was still a success. 

Things are going outstanding with our little part member, soon to be full member family. They're being like super active with church and going to all the activities and going to rehearsal for our ward's little play for the stake Christmas activity. And its just beautiful to see this kind of change this quick. It's so hard not to see God's hand in situations like these. I love it. 

So yeah great week out here in the mission field. 


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