Another great week in paradise filled with miracles.

Another great week in paradise filled with miracles. 

We started the week deciding to make a huge effort to promote the Christmas activities this week: the Christmas eve dinner/nativity performance and Sacrament on Sunday. And its been super successful. We started Operation Bring All the Members Cookies and Train Them on How to Invite to the Christmas Activity and it seems to be working great. Working with members is probably the most important activity to really get an area going. Members are so necessary in missionary work, we almost can't do it without them especially when we're trying to take advantage of big activities like these. 

But with all this time serving the ward, we haven't spent as much time on the streets contacting, but its still been great. We've actually been more successful in less amount of time then most days when we spend all day outside. For example on Thursday, 2 people came up to us right when we got to our area and asked to know more about the church. And Saturday night I saw this man we contacted the night before with his wife going on an evening walk by himself. He recognized us and was super open to talking again. He told us about some recent struggles in his life and we explained how Jesus Christ could help him and we we offered to pray for him, which he gladly excepted. Afterwards he actually offered to pray for us. He committed to coming to church (which he attended with his wife) and told us he knew that we were sent from God to find him. It was a super spiritual experience for all 3 of us and a great example of another Saturday night miracle. English class has also started to bear all kinds of fruit. We've been meeting with 2 brothers from our class after we had 18 students in attendance on Wednesday

This week has just been filled with these little miracles and filled with the spirit of Christmas. It's just a wonderful time to be out there serving our brothers and sisters. 

Beautiful view from the hike

Another pic from the hike

those super cool fruits from that citrus fruit orchard Mr. Li took us too​

 Elder Hammond workin the streets

Elder Hammond straight lookin cute

Another cute part of our area



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