End of week 8

Another super productive week in the MTC. They go seem to go by faster with each week. It's kinda scary but I'm super excited to get to Taiwan. I leave the MTC at 4 in the morning on Tuesday and arrive in Taipei at 7 PM on Wednesday.

This past week has been relatively uneventful. The language is slowly coming and i'm starting to learn some characters. I'm kinda at this odd point where my English is getting worse but my Chinese is still terrible. 
Last Wednesday, received the replacement Cantonese district. Most them are British but there is one Elder from Germany and one Sister from Korea. I actually tried talking with the German Elder in German but I found that most of the words coming out of my mouth were Chinese instead, which was a bit frustrating, but I guess it's the language I need right now. It's always nice having the international missionaries in the zone. They offer some very interesting insights into how strange American life can be and some especially humorous insights into this Presidential election. 

Sunday was a pretty great day as it always is. Even with it being the most busy day of the week, it is always the most peaceful. The Sunday evening devotional was especially great this time around. Our special guest was Jenny  Oaks Baker and she was just amazing. I never thought someone could possibly be that good at an instrument. She was joined by her 3 daughters who played the violin, cello, and piano, and even her 9 year old son joined in on the guitar. It was so cool each of them seemed to already have mastered their instruments, despite their young ages. It was a beautiful performance and the spirit was great.

The only other real highlights of the week were getting the General Conference Edition Ensign and getting Chic Fil A on Monday. Ever since Elder Bednar's talk about "digging deep" into General Conference talks, I have been anticipating getting the General Conference Ensign. So that was super exciting. And Chic Fil A was probably the only decent meal I've had in the past 18 weeks. (I Mom thought about fixing this to 8, but thought it was a cute mistake showing how long he has been in there.)

So yeah MTC's great and the spirits strong, and 5 more days till Taiwan.



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